“First has made a HUGE impact with me as the representative of District 131. It is all about customer service! From the inception, to my first corporate gathering, moving through each update, and the wealth of emails, this ongoing process has been a well-oiled machine that provides a smooth operation.

Jen is outstanding, she has personal goals and expectations that are beyond realistic measures. Her professionalism is a true example of a good leader and the support of the leaders aside and behind her position is evidently expressed. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to the First Team. I am so thrilled you stepped up to the plate to make this 'first ever' transportation opportunity to change the lives of our students and households forever going forward!"
– Walter Doughty, Asst. Director of Transportation, East Aurora School District 131, Ill.
“Let me thank you for the amazing job all of you did starting up this contract for the 2016-2017 school year. There aren't enough thanks for all the safe, reliable transportation that you provided but more importantly, the caring support you give the students of the West Valley JPA. From the route changes, special routing, and last minute changes, you make it happen. All of you are remarkable in your jobs and I welcome the opportunity to continue service with you behind the wheel and you have my utmost respect in the jobs that you do."
– Timothy Hyer, Coordinator, West Valley Schools Transportation Agency, Calif.
 “The communication and partnership that has developed between the District and First Student is wonderful. Drivers are known by students and parents. Staff is always available and issues are openly discussed for timely and mutually agreed upon resolutions.”
– Leslie Wysocki, Business Manager, Westbrook Public Schools, Conn.

“First Student understands that every dollar we are able to contain in transporting students is another dollar we can put to use in the classroom. We receive consistent positive feedback from our community on the reliability of the service from First Student, and it is this type of feedback that separates First Student from its competitors.”
– Ric King, Assistant Superintendent, Business Operations, Schaumburg Community Consolidated School District 54, Ill.
“Even though First Student is a large and significant vendor, we see them more as a partner in education. In fact, many of our patrons do not distinguish between First Student and the Olathe Schools. I sincerely believe that this is due, in large part, to the fact that we share the same mission: the safety and the academic success of our students.”
– Lane Green, Director of Transportation, Olathe Public Schools, Kan.
“First Student's local staff members are visible in our community and they are dedicated to our children. Our staffs work together as a team. From top down, First Student has highly trained personnel that have the sole purpose of taking care of the students', families' and the school's needs.”
– Scott Devillier, Superintendent of Schools, Zachary Community School District, La.
“Whereas some may look at contracting out management of the school district transportation service as “privatizing” transportation, with First Student it is truly gaining an experienced partner that has demonstrated a passion for working with us to provide a safe, cost-effective and efficient transportation service for our students while striving to provide fair and reasonable conditions for the personnel providing the service.”
– Bruce D. Amey, Superintendent, Avon Central Schools, N.Y.