At First Student, we focus on innovation and advanced safety. As early adopters of technologies that are standard on today’s buses, we continue to pave the way in providing enhanced safety practices and features to our customers.

School Bus Safety Features

When you partner with First Student, you gain access to industry-leading bus technologies.

Child Check-Mate System®:
Child Check-Mate System® is an automatic alarm system that reduces the likelihood of a student left unattended on a bus.

Theft-Mate™ Security System:
Theft-Mate™ is our motion detection, alarm activation security system which includes voice messaging and flashing lights to alert individuals to call for help in the case of an incident.

Crossing Arm:
The flexible crossing arm extends in loading and unloading areas to remind children to walk 12 feet in front of the bus before crossing.

Two-Way Radios:
First Student uses two-way radios on all buses to allow drivers to communicate with each other and the bus terminal, enabling them to better serve the needs of students, parents and school personnel.

GPS systems provide real-time answers to parent/guardian concerns and help us to pinpoint the location of the bus.