Student conduct issues on even a single bus route can throw off the whole school day for students, parents or caregivers, and school officials. FirstACTS (Active Conduct Tracking System) is a web-based tool which eliminates tedious and time-consuming paper-based reporting and trend analysis. FirstACTS helps everyone more easily communicate incidents for timely action and resolution.

Benefits of FirstACTS®

Connect : Easily document, communicate, and escalate issues to the right people

  • FirstACTS helps eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks of completing delivering, filling and tracking paper documents.
  • Our streamlined, cloud based incident reporting application gives school administrators and school bus drivers the confidence that issues will be addressed promptly.

Customize : Implemented to deliver what your district needs

  • FirstACTS is a flexible tool configured to meet the specific needs of your district.
  • The application can be easily adapted to your work flow and interfaces with your student information.

Control : Safe, secure, workflow access to critical information and updates

  • FirstACTS allows administrators to identify appropriate personnel to receive incident notifications and reports.
  • Student incident histories can be easily searched to quickly identify trends for prompt action before problems become more severe.

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