Knowing where your buses are is comforting, but getting accurate information that drives solid business decisions is empowering. FOCUS is our proprietary software platform that integrates information from the bus, the route and the driver to provide greater insight into the transportation operation, and to support data-driven decisions that enhance student safety, cost savings and community satisfaction.

FOCUS leverages GPS and other on-board data to assist in near-real-time operational effectiveness. This tool dramatically increases our ability to quickly respond to customer and parent inquiries with accuracy, and helps us manage our locations more efficiently by tracking on-time performance, safety and security.

Operational Benefits

  • Provides near-real-time tracking of actual performance to compare with targeted goals and schedules.
  • Includes a dispatch dashboard with alerts and computer-assisted support to ensure proactive, information-based dispatching.
  • Offers transparency and visibility into the activities of drivers and vehicles outside the depot.

Customer Benefits

  • Provides verification that routes are completed in the specified length of time using automated driver monitoring.
  • Heightens on-time performance with near real-time alerts that offer the foresight necessary to take pre-emptive action.
  • Improves communication with access to quickly and accurately investigate any questions or concerns regarding a particular route.

Maintenance Benefits

  • Enhances data capture for maintenance purposes by utilizing GPS engine diagnostic capabilities.
  • Alerts maintenance managers to any and all issues that could potentially contribute to major mechanical problems.