Integrates bus, route and GPS data for real time bus location and estimate times of arrival to stops and schools.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Analyzes bus, route and
GPS data for real
time bus location and estimated times of
arrival to stops
and schools.

Replays and reports on stops and routes while aggregating operational data for heightened transparency and performance.

Operational Transparency

Reports on stops and
routes, giving you
answers you need for parents' questions,
while delivering
operational intelligence.

Builds community trust through our customer support team and utilizes user feedback for future FirstView™ product updates.

Customer Partnership

Builds trust by providing clarity and avenues for operational discussions, while our customer
support team offers troubleshooting help.

You need clarity to run a school district - accurate and quick information that answers parents' questions and keeps your schools running like well-oiled machines. With FirstView™ District Dashboard, we centralize critical transportation data for efficient decision making.
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Let FirstView™ District Dashboard be your transportation communications resource for all transportation or district-related messages. 

 FIrstView Tracking

Tracking: Real time bus tracking shows when buses will arrive at schools and stops

FirstView - Visibility Icon

Visibility: Districts can drill down and see school, route, stop and student level information

 FirstView - Reporting IconReporting: Real time reporting of school arrival/ departure, route changes, route replay, etc. 

 FirstView - SecuritySecurity: Management of app security through direct visibility and control of user access
 FirstView - MessagingMessaging: Push transportation related messages or custom messages to FirstView™ subscribers FirstView - CustomizationCustomization: Configurability for different users (administrators, principals, etc.) and analytic needs

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions. And if you're interested in bringing FirstView™ to your district, contact us. ​​