Our technologies have the power to improve the quality of your transportation service, create new efficiencies for your district and assist in preserving valuable education resources. By incorporating the latest innovations into our services, we seamlessly deliver integrated solutions in a single package for our district partners.

Standard Bus Technologies

EVIR – Enhanced Vehicle Inspection and Reporting

A handheld device records the daily pre-trip inspection and alerts dispatch and the maintenance team of any variances. Through a direct interface with our vehicle maintenance system, mechanics are notified when a repair is needed.

Crossing Control Arms - Danger Zone™ Safety

A bright yellow arm mechanically extends in front of the bus bumper when loading or unloading students. It reminds students to move to a safe distance in front of the bus before crossing and to stay out of the Danger Zone™.

Child Check-Mate System® - Sleeping Child Prevention

The Child Check-Mate System® requires the driver to walk through the bus and check for sleeping children. Failure to follow procedure triggers visual and audible alarms. Interior motion sensors further protect against unauthorized persons on the bus.

Available Bus Technologies

Digital Color Cameras

Mounted at various locations throughout the bus, cameras provide multi-angle views, up to and including the driver. Digital recordings are secure and can be shared with administrators to report incidents and support disciplinary action.


Providing access to wireless internet (Wi-Fi) on the bus allows your students to continue learning after the school day has ended by giving every student access to online educational resources and classes.