The Industry Leader

First Student leads the industry by continuously researching, developing and investing in cutting-edge technology. We don’t design our programs just for today — we work with you to build and develop technologies that integrate all necessary information so you can plan for today’s classes, and tomorrow’s future. 

Real Time Bus Tracking

FirstView™ is the comprehensive and secure school bus tracking, communications and engagement tool for parents, school administrators and transportation management teams. Powered by First Student, FirstView™ gives transparency to our school district partners through the District Dashboard, then sends that information to parents and their families via the Parent App. 

Passenger Behavior Management

FirstACTS® (Active Conduct Tracking System) is a powerful web-based communication program that manages the process of tracking student conduct on school buses. Through the seamless system, we enhance the flow of communication — from drivers and administrators to parents and students — and further support our collective efforts to keep our children safe each and every day.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Our proprietary software platform, FOCUS, maximizes efficiencies with data-driven fleet performance reporting. Working with our buses’ GPS technology, onboard data, transportation team scheduling, maintenance and district information systems, we put key metrics and information at your fingertips.

Route Optimizations

Through First Planning Solutions™ (FPS), First Student offers a dedicated team of in-house, knowledgeable experts focused on providing comprehensive consulting services that go beyond daily bus operations. 

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

With our GPS systems, you gain greater insight into a variety of bus activities to support data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing student safety, cost savings and community satisfaction.

On-Board Bus Technologies

From digital cameras to on-board Wi-Fi, we can equip your buses with the latest innovations. This technology means you can take your transportation to the next level of success.