Our employees are our most important asset, and we’re dedicated to investing in their professional development with comprehensive training.

We offer many career paths, including professional drivers, technicians, field support, management and corporate opportunities. Every local and regional team has full access to the resources and benefits that come from being a member of North America’s leading school transportation services team.

Our culture fosters growth and promotes respect, reliability, responsibility and safety. We recruit team members who have the same values, and work together to make a difference in the communities we serve.

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Career Paths

sharon lanhamSchool Bus Driver

There is no more important position in our company than school bus driver. This job is much more than just getting the bus to school on time. Great school bus drivers also have a pocket full of tissues for runny noses, a bushel full of smiles for kids who are having bad days and hold an undying commitment to the safe and secure travel of the most precious cargo in the world.

Our school bus drivers are responsible for picking up and delivering several hundred children during a normal shift — on time and safely. They are responsible for following all traffic and company regulations to the letter, and must remain cool, calm and collected in all situations. Our school bus drivers also complete daily pre- and post-shift vehicle inspection activities to ensure a safe journey for our riders.

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First Student DispatchDispatcher

A dispatcher is on the frontlines coordinating, directing and juggling to ensure on-time performance and great customer service. They like to be busy and are not afraid to multi-task, prioritize and make decisions. Show us an operation that runs smoothly with fantastic customer service, and we’ll show you an operation with a great dispatcher.

Dispatchers oversee bus routing and scheduling, and communicate directly with drivers, parents and administrators. They know how to get things done. They are great problem solvers who model a true customer service orientation. Dispatchers are the glue that holds everything together; they are great team players and love to see a job well done.

First Student RouterSchool Bus Router

Coordinating the movement of thousands of children on hundreds of buses to dozens of schools is a complex, challenging role that impacts entire communities. Systems design is critical, but what happens when a bus breaks down? What happens when there is a snow delay? The school bus router works with external customers and internal team members to meet these daily challenges and make sure there is no disruption in service — regardless of the challenge.

A router works with drivers, dispatchers, location management and school district personnel to make sure that routes are properly maintained and developed.

First Student TechnicianMaintenance Technician

Maintenance careers at First Student go beyond just repairing another engine or managing another shop. Our maintenance technician is charged with the important role of maintaining fleet vehicles that transport thousands of school children every day.

A lot of work goes into providing safe student transportation, and everyone in the shop is central to the process. Working closely with the shop manager, maintenance technicians perform a wide variety of duties — from light repairs to overhauls, with the goal of providing the safest journey to the school day.

First Student’s technicians must be committed to doing routine tasks excellently. A broken down school bus can be a scary situation for children and parents alike; our technicians work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

First Student Shop ManagerShop Manager

At First Student, shop managers play a critical role — they are on the front lines making absolutely certain that all maintenance protocols are being followed, allowing for the safe transportation of the most precious cargo in the world. Our shop managers are excellent technicians, great teachers, and know what needs to be done to run a safe, efficient operation.

A First Student shop manager is responsible for building, training and leading a team of technicians that maintain, repair and overhaul school buses and school bus equipment. The shop manager uses their experience and judgment to plan and accomplish maintenance goals and perform a variety of complicated tasks. Parents, administrators and school districts trust us to transport their children safely and securely. This is an incredibly important job that requires someone with a seriousness of purpose and dedication to excellence.

First Student Safety ManagerSafety Manager

A First Student safety manager is a trusted leader who ensures all location operations are performed in a safe manner. This position verifies all staff are properly trained, ensures our drivers' safety questions are answered and their EVIRs are complete. Monitoring driving reports and coaching drivers are just a few ways that the safety manager provides support to our local team members and community. 

The work of a safety manager strengthens our school bus drivers’ safety performance, which ultimately benefits each child we transport to and from school each day. They are purposeful role models, inspiring others to become champions of school bus safety. Our safety managers gain a real sense of personal fulfillment from safeguarding our communities.

First Student Location ManagerLocation Manager

This position could be called many titles: general manager, branch manager, location manager or contract manager; what matters most is that this is a critical position where company strategy dovetails into the day-to-day operations of the business. An excellent location manager is a businessperson with the ability to understand operations and manage a P&L, a desire to serve and a real passion for leading people.

Our location managers are charged with bringing the company vision to life. On a day-to-day basis, they must motivate their team and treat them in a manner than enables them to grow. They need to keep a keen eye on all aspects of the fleet and facility so that we continue to run profitably and efficiently. They work to build the entire operation upon our cornerstones of safety and customer service. They know how to articulate the goal, draw up the game plan, then field and motivate the team to get there.