Nov 29, 2017

Update Regarding Seattle Transportation Disruption

Today has been a challenge for all who rely on our service. Just one day without yellow bus transportation imposes a hardship on the families, students and schools that depend on us. We regret that the actions of Local 174 leadership led to this interruption in service. 

First Student supports and cares deeply about employees and offers competitive pay and benefits.

We recently offered Local 174 leadership additional funding for both healthcare and retirement. Union leadership chose not to present this offer to their membership. We believe Local 174 members should have the opportunity to review and vote on the offer.

These enhancements are in addition to an agreement, which was ratified by union members in August 2016, that included a significant wage increase of up to 20 percent and a top wage of more than $24 an hour.  

We strongly encourage the union to join us in finding a resolution. Our goal is to reach an agreement that’s fair and equitable for all parties. We want to partner with Local 174 leadership to ensure the best possible outcome for our drivers, our students and the community.

Tomorrow, we look forward to getting back to doing what we do best, and that is providing transportation for Seattle schools and our students and families.   

Chris Kemper
Senior Director of Corporate Communications
First Student