Dec 01, 2011

First Student Special Needs Operational Safety Manager Dona Beauchea Receives Elite NAPT Endorsement

CINCINNATI — Dona Beauchea, First Student special needs operational safety manager, is one of only 14 people in the United States to have successfully completed the National Association for Pupil Transportation's (NAPT) Special Needs Transportation (SNT) Training Program.

The NAPT SNT Training Program is specifically designed to increase an individual's knowledge about transporting students with disabilities. The core curriculum consists of 24 hours of education in a variety of different settings, including a school bus roadeo, and a trade show of school transportation products and services that have been specifically designed with a focus on transporting students with disabilities.

“I am honored to join the elite list of pupil transporters who have received the SNT endorsement,” Beauchea said. “With a growing number of special needs students riding traditional school buses, this specialized training is more important than ever before. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with my First Student team, so we can continue to make sure all students get to school safely and securely.“

Beauchea has more than 30 years of experience working in special needs pupil transportation. She wrote a new manual in 2008 on transporting students with autism for First Student. Beauchea completed her training for the SNT endorsement in October.