Supporting Districts Continuously

Our ties to your community don’t end with the bottom line or a conversation about efficiency. Our drivers are residents, and our solutions and systems are unique to your district-specific needs. We care about your community and the people and organizations that call it home, and we want to support the educational mission of your school district.

The Pillars That Keep Communities Prospering

Getting your children to school safely is our highest priority.

We strive to improve transportation for every district.

We hire a local workforce; one that is embedded in the success of the community.

We actively promote and participate in community partnerships and activities.

We pursue opportunities to reduce emissions, promote recycling and uphold social responsibility.

Transportation That Builds a Better Future

We’re building something bigger with our districts: a transportation solution that gives back more than it takes - and a partnership that sees each community as its own and invests in the people, ideals and events that help make each community unique.

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Environmental Sustainability

At First Student, we strive to protect and enhance our communities. To that end, we are committed to offering environmentally friendly forms of transportation and improving the efficiency of our vehicles, routes and people.

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